You + Me = A Love Story

You are here by divine intervention because you and me are meant to be.

You are a single, accomplished professional woman or woman business owner who is sick and tired of being stuck on the acne rollercoaster, hiding behind makeup and not having the love life you want. 

I am Wendy Cohen, a radiant clear skin mentor (clients and friends like to call me the glowing skin fairy 😉), natural beauty and wellness expert. So nice to meet you 😁!

You are an incredible woman who is ready to kick acne to the curb for life and get the beautiful clear skin of your dreams so that you can feel powerfully attractive inside and out, go on that hot date full of confidence (and kiss him good-night too!), be a social butterfly again while crushing it in your career or business.

I’ve cracked the code on how to slay acne 100% naturally for GOOD. I’ve helped thousands of women just like you who were battling acne for years or even decades get radiant clear skin for LIFE in a matter of weeks!

An Ivy League trained wholistic nutritionist, to being featured in Rodale’s Organic Life, Reader’s Digest, Spa Week and other rad places on the interwebs as well as TV and radio here in New York, to having the pleasure of working with a darling soap opera star, top fashion models, phenomenal professionals, extraordinary entrepreneurs as a nutrition and wellness consultant. It’s been an amazing ride and I’m eternally grateful!

I have the memory of a raven (makes my husband feel like he is walking on eggshells. shhh, it’s our little secret 😉). I love spending time with my nephew. I enjoy holding tree poses during phone conversations. I’m a lover of orchids and a fermented hot sauce aficionado. I’m terrible with directions (#loveyouWazeandGooglemaps).

Together, let’s embrace the renegade approach to slay acne, ditch the conventional notions of beauty, and unlock your innate radiance and true beauty! 


I believe…

that your desire to have beautiful clear skin is not about vanity at all! It’s about reclaiming what is innately yours.

… that all of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them- Walt Disney (one of my favorites!)

…. that true beauty = wellness

…. that every woman deserves to have her true beauty and should absolutely love the skin she’s in

…. that the conventional wisdom and attempt to eradicate acne is seriously flawed

…. that self-love, self-care and connection with nature heals all

… that you can have anything you want in life if you help others get what they want- Zig Ziglar (another favorite of mine!)

... that it’s my calling to empower and support women

I’ve been there too 

About 15 years ago, I went from having baby soft, healthy skin to having a face covered in red, angry pimples and whiteheads.

I avoided pictures (it took a lot of digging to find the one you’re seeing on the left) at all costs. A face covered in acne is never a picture perfect moment or selfie time 😔.

I would hide in my apartment with the blinds closed, shutting myself out from the world.

Dating? Romance? Intimacy?  Zilch. I would look down every time I saw a guy that I fancied.

I was terrified of mirrors and dreaded presentations.

I despised wearing mineral make-up. I felt my skin suffocating and hated to have to hide underneath a mask.

I got facials every month. Tried one topical cream after another. Washing my pillowcases every day. Saw dermatologist after dermatologist. Took supplements. Jumped on the luxury and greenwashing skincare products bandwagon. Spent tens of thousands of dollars and I was still struggling with acne symptoms, single, frustrated, unhappy and felt trapped!

I was told by dermatologists that the only thing that can help with my acne was Accutane. I discovered the laundry list of side effects and refused to accept that a toxic drug that can literally kill a growing fetus or me was my skin savior.

I read hundreds of books, researched and studied extensively how to eliminate acne 100% naturally. I applied what I discovered, ditched what didn’t work and created my foolproof system that resolved acne for good and restored my skin to its beautiful, healthy glowing state and watched my true beauty and wellness radiate year after year 😊!

My personal struggle with acne and transformational journey has allowed me to liberate thousands of incredible women from acne and helped them to reclaim their confidence, vitality and bliss; discover their true beauty, enjoy intimacy, find love and date again!; achieve their unique goals and dreams with ease.  I want to help you accomplish the same, too.

This is my life’s work, passion and sacred calling. 

“What you seek is seeking you”- Rumi

 Client 🎊 Celebrations. Love Notes 💌.

I’m happily dating the man I had a huge crush on from work that I never had the courage to talk to and even look his way before because of my terrible acne.  

I can leave my house to go to work, hang out with friends, and buy my favorite almond milk for my cereal without make-up on. I’m sleeping in an extra 2 hours every day (I can’t believe how much time I spent concealing my acne before). I’m happily dating the man I had a huge crush on from work that I never had the courage to talk to and even look his way before because of my terrible acne.

I’ve had acne since high school.  Antibiotics, Accutane, supplements, dermatologists and naturopaths were never able to help me get the one thing I’ve always wanted-CLEAR SKIN for life. Less than two months later, I have the freedom, self-esteem and glowing skin of my dreams.


Digital Media Manager

Anyone interested in beautiful, radiant skin and overcoming acne? Wendy is your go-to expert.

I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by her and all I can say is that she is sweet, kind and KNOWLEDGEABLE to the max! She knows her stuff inside and out and will help you heal all your skin woes and help you turn back the clock, too!

Intuitive Business Mentor

I’m finally myself again. I radiate confidence and feel authentically beautiful!  Everyone tells me I’m beaming.

I was just about to go back on isotretinoin for my severe acne and I came across your free masterclass, I thank the universe for leading me to you every single day!

I feel so radiant, free and comfortable in my own skin now. The best part is, I don’t have to put off dating anymore, stop going out with friends, miss my Zumba classes and avoid seeing my family in California.  I’m finally myself again. I radiate confidence and feel authentically beautiful!  It’s so liberating to finally be able to look at myself in mirrors and touch my smooth, bare skin without being terrified and in pain. Everyone tells me I’m beaming.

Severe acne plagued me for 2 decades. I had red, ugly, painful pustules and whiteheads on my face. Having acne made me feel gross inside and out. I felt fake underneath all that make-up I had to cake on everyday. Acne held me back and made me afraid to pursue everything meaningful and fun in my life. I felt like a prisoner.

If you’re invited to work with Wendy, just do it! Without her program and support, I would still be a prisoner and suffering from the side effects of acne for god knows how many more years or decades! The sooner you seek the right help to learn the tools to heal acne for life, the sooner you get to enjoy and live a blissed out amazing life for many, many, many years!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping me to transform my skin, regain my confidence, freedom and life back in lightning speed!


Physical Therapist

My confidence is off the charts!

Before starting her program, I was asked by Wendy, on a scale of 1-5 (5=highest), how confident do you feel right now? My answer was a 1. After implementing her system for 5 weeks, plus the coaching, support and accountability I got from her, not only is my skin radiant and clear after struggling with acne for 5 years but my confidence is off the charts, it’s a 5+++!

I’m an auditor for a top tier accounting firm and have to travel a lot and was always so self-conscious meeting with clients because of my acne. I got really good at masking my face with make-up but felt so fake and knew people were judging me and could see the acne underneath all the foundation.

I’m not terrified of being seen without make-up anymore!  I feel truly beautiful in my bare skin! I recently applied for a management position at the company I work for and nailed the interview with flying colors because of my sky high confidence!

Words don’t do justice to express how liberated I feel. I’m so thankful for your mentorship.



She can help you get super-glowy skin (like HERS) in as little as 4 weeks. 

Wendy is the finest example of WALK THE TALK…she glows and shines with vitality and health and I hate her so much for that LOL.

Persuasion Strategist

Transform your skin. Transform your life. 

If you are ready to: 

  • Reclaim your confidence and freedom
  • Love the skin you’re in and dictate life on your own terms
  • Show up powerfully as yourself to meet your soul mate, get that promotion, land major dream clients and EVERYTHING else your heart desires!

Then click the button below to watch my free masterclass now:  

“5 Secrets My Clients Used to Eliminate Acne Naturally In As Little As 4 weeks And Get Beautiful Clear Skin For Life 

(even if they’ve tried everything and nothing worked)”  

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* Every client represented on this page took massive consistent action, followed through, were very coachable, and got amazing results. These results are NOT typical. If you are looking for a quick-fix, look elsewhere- we are so proud of our clients’ successes! Names are hidden to protect our clients’ privacy. I am not guaranteeing in any way that you can do the same on your own, but if you want to experience similar transformations, I’m here to help if you are committed to making it happen and are willing to show up.

Hang tight! Your free masterclass is on its way to your inbox :).

Hang tight! Your free masterclass is on its way to your inbox :).

Hang tight! Your free masterclass is on its way to your inbox :).

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