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Welcome lovely! 

I’m Wendy, the chica behind this site. I’m a natural fertility expert, evidence-based nutritionist and wellness coach.

I show successful career and business women exactly how to conquer infertility, get pregnant naturally and peacefully so that they can have the babies and family of their dreams without fertility treatments or science experiments.

If that’s what you want, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re expecting our first boy this summer! In less than 3 months of following your system, I got pregnant naturally after suffering through 4 cycles of IVF. Dan just finished setting up his nursery and we’re swooning over our baby boy’s newborn onesies and  gifts we got from friends and family. Every time we look at the sonogram photo of our ACTUAL baby boy, we feel so blessed and are ecstatic that we are going to be parents. Thank you, thank you for helping us from the bottom of our hearts.  

– Serena 

Brand Strategist

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